Just a sticker known as “COCKCROACHES-AWAY”
No need to shift furniture’s or closing of utensils.
No smell, total odorless.
No stains, as it do not disturb while working.
No need to keep doors and window closed for chemical reaction.
Reduce of diseases like dysentery, cholera, gastro etc caused by cockroaches.
Very effective during dark night, results before 48 hours
Good for residence, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, warehouses, etc.
No chemicals, No spray, No fumes etc which may cause diseases like asthma.
This paste is not harmful to humans and pets, as it is non toxic.
The paste in the container has life of 6 months.
This Kit kills all types of cock-roaches.
Cock-roaches die on open floor area, in search of oxygen.
This kit can be delivered anywhere in the India.

How to use-
Cockroach-Away kit contains thin paste inside.
Back side of lid you will find the sticker
Just remove the paper and stick the sticker area lid on the floor corner
Following are the areas the lid is to be stuck:-
Corner below the water sink in the kitchen where you keep the dust bins
Corner below the kitchen slabs
Corner below the gas cabinet
Bathroom window
Toilet window
For factories and restaurants below ever working tables.
Cockroaches-Away cost you Rs 300/- per packet (10 sets in one packet). Rates are inclusive of taxes and courier charges.